Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trending Now: Gorgeous Grey Locs

Ladies! Watch! Check out this fab video by beauty blogger Ty Alexander and celebrity stylist Cynthia Alvarez on going grey using a Hair Factory U-Part Wig! This is a must-see if you've ever had thoughts of trying grey! Ty looks so fierce rockin' Cynthia's masterpiece! GorgeousInGrey.com @cynthiaglam thank you for the shouts!    Need more from this beautiful grey lady? Check out her blog right here: http://gorgeousingrey.com/ for the hair, naturally come see us over at Hair Factory: www.hairfactory.com

Perfect Beach Waves Made Easy

Judging by Spring 2014’s runway beauty trends, its time to catch the wave. From Diane von Furstenberg in New York, Burberry Prorsum in London, and Versace in Milan, this season’s hairstyling was all about the messy, natural wave. Carefree and reminiscent of beach days ahead, the relaxed waves added a nonchalance and sex appeal to every look… Think Gisele Bundchen, Nicole Richie, and Gabrielle Union.
Wondering how to get that ideal, undone, just rolled out of bed wave? The key is adding texture, keeping hair matte, and remembering the look isn’t meant to be perfect. First dry hair by combing through with fingers to add texture. Once hair is dry, select random sections of hair and curl mid-length with a medium-barrel curling iron, and then straighten ends to add polish.
Depending on your natural texture and prep time, “setting” hair can also add the perfect amount of low-maintenance wave to your locks. For the fresh off the beach look at home, fill a spray bottle with salt water and spritzing before you start styling. Twist hair into a low bun or braids, leaving the ends loose to achieve a mixed texture. Let sit while you get dressed and do your makeup, undoing them once your ready to walk out the door, and voila! Add a spray of dry shampoo to seal the deal and you’re ready to strut the sidewalks. Two products that can help you achieve this look is Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave and my fave Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist.

Amber Riley Rocking Hair Factory's New York Remi Wave styled with  perfect tousled curly beach waves.

Hair not cooperating? Is the ability to create those beach inspired waves and natural “kink” not an option for your strands? A helping hand is never too far away. Extensions, weaves and wigs allow for everyone and anyone, no matter what your hair texture may be, to have the exact hair style you desire. Try our  fabulous line of wigs and weaves just for this purpose. You can adjust the amount of curl on the wig or hair extensions to give yourself those perfect sexy waves. If you opt for a wig, just wash it to return it to it’s natural curl so you can reuse it time and time again.

-Thank you to Iman for sharing this how-to post

Friday, January 10, 2014


Leave it to Erykah Badu to keep it funky fresh. Whether it’s her threads, her music or her hair you can always expect something new. Yesterday, the soul singer took to Facebook and Twitter to debut her latest do. It’s an oldie but goodie.
The FatBellyBella had her locks trimmed into a very impressive high top fade.
She posted the picture on her Twitter with caption: “Faded…High”
And then she showed the back …
…and captioned it “Pyramids and vortices.”
We’d be remiss if we didn’t note the flyness of the four full-fingered rings.
By now you know Erykah is one of those women who can pull off pretty much anything when it comes to hair styles. And this is no exception. Love this look on her.
What do you think? Are you digging it?

Thank you Madame Noire for sharing 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Braidstyle Inspiration

Thank you to Pretty Girl Rock blog for sharing this short tutorial on braid styles.  Braids are the perfect solution to winter hairstyles since they hold up perfectly under the dry conditions and still give you the versatility of rocking long locs.  Need bulk hair for braiding? Check out our popular selection of textures at www.HairFactory.com

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who Said Red? RUBY RUSH!

A Mohawk is taken to the next level with an all-over crimson hue. Created by Kachina C. Fleet of C’est Chic Concepts in Oxon Hill, MD, this look has tons of personality with its shaved sides and long layers at the crown. The deep scarlet shade is the perfect match for this saucy silhouette.

Create this style with the texture of your choice  and ask us about our custom coloring for the right shade for you. At HairFactory.com 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hair Factory in the Press: Celeb Stylist Shunika Terry Spills The Deets On Hair Looks For VH1′S ‘CrazySexyCool’!!!

Hair factory is honored to be featured in the movie Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story.  Read more to learn more about the process of creating the hair looks with Celebrity Stylist Shunika Terry:

When celebrity stylist SHUNIKA TERRY received the call that she would be the department head of hair for VH1′s upcoming movie,CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, she instantly started gathering pictures of hairstyles worn during TLC’s successful music career, before even knowing who was cast to play members ROZONDA “CHILLI” THOMASTIONNE “T-BOZ” WATKINS, and the late LISA “LEFT EYE” LOPEZ.
Once she found out that KEKE PALMERDREW SIDORA, and LIL MAMA would be the talent behind portraying the popular 1990′s female group, she easily visualized them rocking the unique looks of the original TLC members, and couldn’t wait for her hair team to put their creativity to work.
Check out Terry as she takes Juicy behind the scenes of what it was like to re-create a decade of hairstyles into a month of filming:
Juicy: Hands down, the cast looks very identical to the original TLC members…
Shunika Terry: I lived in the era when TLC was really hot and I was a big fan. So when I got the opportunity to sit down with T-Boz and Chilli before taping the film, they took me through the process of what it was like getting their hair done during their early career. Hearing and imagining really helped me tap into my creative side.
Juicy: Which hair transformation was the hardest to pull off?
ST: Drew Sidora’s look definitely took the most time cutting and coloring.  I used 7 to 8 different wigs throughout taping to re-create T-Boz’s haircuts and different shades of blonde throughout the eras. Lil Mama on the other hand, was the most complicated, but the most fun.  There would be times when the entire team would be working on her head at one time.  Especially when we had to re-create Left-Eye’s unique Grammy and VMA looks with the long ponytails and balls.
Juicy: During TLC’s era Chilli’s look never really changed, so what was the focus for KeKe?
ST: To create Chilli’s look we used Hair Factory‘s Milano Curl on KeKe’s hair.  She wore a sew-in, and I texturized the curl pattern just a little bit to match her natural hair.  I want to make it clear she didn’t have on a lace wig. All the baby hair you see in the movie is her actual baby hair.
Juicy: Where there any trust issues when it came to altering the cast real hair to re-create the
original hair looks?
ST: I actually had to talk to Drew Sidora a few times to gain her trust when it came to coloring and tapering down the back of her real hair in order to pull off her character as believable as possible.  She has a very nice length of hair so it definitely took some trust on her part to let me transform her, but she was willing to make the sacrifice.
Juicy: As viewers we only get to see the final product, but what’s the most difficult thing about being responsible for the hair looks on a movie set?
ST:  The hardest challenge is timing because everything is shot so quickly and moves so fast.  There were days when we would do 3 to 4 hair changes because we were showcasing a decade of hairstyles into a movie that’s an hour and half.  I had to have a plan of attack for each girl and the style day in and day out.
Juicy: What’s next for you?
ST: I’ve definitely found a love for movies that portray real life stories, so that’s what I want to do more of in the future, whether I’m the department head or not it’s just something about true life stories that have a different heartbeat.
For more information on Shunika Terry, visit www.shunikaterry.com.  Follow her at @Shunika_Terry.
-Chanel Robinson is both a writer and licensed cosmetologist residing in Chicago, Illinois. Her time at VIBE magazine allowed her to develop a hunger and passion for hair, beauty, and fashion. Currently a retail professional at ULTA Beauty, Robinson brings her first hand knowledge of trends and products. Follow her @Chanel_Robinson.

Would You Rock This? Hair Tatoos

Ever want to do something completely daring and unique to your mane? Hair tattoos are the next best thing to having artwork printed on your head. Created with a hair trimmer, these tattoos are simply designs etched into your buzzed-down hair with a hair clipper. If you have longer hair, you can always get an undercut at the base of your head to draw the design into, so you can hide it during work hours. Or if you love to make a statement, try color stamping to draw extra attention to your sculpted shape! "Anyone can create a hair tattoo," says Michigan-based hairstylist Dennis Joseph. "It takes a lot of practice to get it right and achieve the perfect result, but most of it relies on your own artistic technique."
Getting creative with your hair is becoming a lot more popular—and acceptable—these days. Undercuts (which were big in the ’90s) are now quite common, which leads to the next step—cutting a design into that short patch of hair—just like MC Hammer’s iconic hair tattoos. "It’s a lot like getting a regular tattoo," says Dennis. "There’s an initial consultation, and you can either decide which design you want, or leave it to your hairdresser to decide. Either way, it's a very organic process that depends on the artist's skills and vision. I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself, but if you trust your friend’s skill with a hair clipper and artistic talent, then they could certainly do it for you!" And can any hair type or hair texture get a hair tattoo? "It doesn't matter what your hair type or texture is," says Dennis, "but it does affect the design you can create. Thinner hair tends to suit wider, more organic shapes rather than sharp, abstract ones." Women also request flowing, whimsical designs and shapes such as waves, whereas men prefer more abstract, angular designs like the name of their favorite sports team or graphic lines. "I've had women with an undercut get a star or heart cut into their hair, and also ladies with longer hair have designs cut into the hair near their ear as a statement look. You can have anything cut, because in the end, it's only hair!" His only no-no? “Never cross lines in your design. It makes it much easier to mess up.”
As for taking care of your new ’do? "If you want to keep the design in great shape you'll need to get it re-cut every two weeks," says Dennis. "You can use a gel or pomade to give it extra shine, but other than that, no extra care is necessary! The important thing is to use the right tools, as different blade lengths will create different dimensions. This also allows you to add a shadowing effect.”

It’s certainly a trend that’s growing in popularity—especially on the streets and among sports stars!
-Thank you to Beautylish for sharing this post